Houston Methodist Hospital

Although one of the city’s leading hospitals, Houston Methodist needed a fresh campaign to stand out in a saturated healthcare market where all their competitors had begun to copy their advertising style.

Our solution was a series of cinematic stories through the minds of the doctors pioneering the innovative research and procedures at Houston Methodist.

The result was the hospital’s most successful campaign and a record year for new patient enrollment and billing.

As senior art director, I helped lead casting, location scouting and wardrobe. I worked closely with our clients and real doctors to maintain medical accuracy and build research lab and exam room sets from scratch. I was even cast as the voiceover talent for a number of the TV and radio spots.


Orthopedics and sports medicine: agency cut

During production, we captured so much beautiful athlete footage that it couldn’t all fit into our original :30 script. But it did give us a new story to tell.

So my team and I worked after hours to write and edit an anthem celebrating the tenacious athletes who inspire Houston Methodist’s doctors to stay at the top of their game.

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