When boutique hot sauce brand, Tabañero, needed to relaunch on a budget, we knew we had to be bold and provocative to stand out.

So in a world of sauces competing to be the most painful, we focussed on how Tabañero’s real, fresh ingredients pleasure the taste buds, christening it “the world's most PLEASUREABLE hot sauce.”

The Tabasutra

We invented The Tabasutra - a guide of saucy hand positions with which to hold your bottle, and foodgasmic recipes to try them out on.

We partnered with to create a cookbook and a series of seductive how-to videos featuring original recipes from food influencers.

As the lead creative on the project, I collaborated with our digital partners and influencers to art direct the recipe videos. I also created and illustrated the hand positions, and designed and wrote the Tabasutra Cookbook, ultimately creating tons of digital and social content for our client's first campaign.

We even got some love from AgencySpy