Tinder was looking for a new agency to launch a major brand campaign. It had to be ownable for the dating app and memorable to a millennial audience who has many similar apps to choose from.

Our pitch concept took ownership of the ambiguity and fluidity of modern relationships, and positioned Tinder as the brand that's open to whoever and however you want to date.


I was responsible for concepting and creating the unique look and feel of our campaign. The type-driven design is simple but bold and makes the viewer an active participant in the ad - asking them which type of relationship they want to see.

Brand Extensions

As a big part of today’s culture, Tinder has the opportunity to extend beyond the app and create real-world objects that connect with their audience beyond their phones.

We envisioned a series of vinyl records that brought the playful ambiguity of our campaign to the packaging design, with the A and B sides containing different playlists for whichever relationship vibe you’re in the mood for.

We also envisioned our type designs as eye-catching graphics for t-shirts that Tinder could give out at events.